Using Dramatic Demonstrations To Increase Conversions

Of the 4,000+ marketing messages your prospects are exposed to daily, how does yours cut through the clutter and get their attention? With a dramatic demonstration, that’s how!

Here is what a dramatic demonstration is: something, that in a matter of seconds, communicates both the value and the proof of your biggest promise in your marketing message.

For example, one time I was selling a program on how to create information products in under 48 hours. The claim was very hard to believe, and I knew it. But I also knew it was possible for people to do it. The solution – I concocted a dramatic demonstration that basically said: “I’ll give you $100 out of my pocket if you can’t create an info product 48 hours from today using my system!”

See what I did? I communicated the core benefit of my product, and I dramatically demonstrated, with proof, that it was possible. The result: it’s become one of my best sellers. Gutsy? Sure. Worth it? You bet!

I believe in the power of dramatic demonstrations so much, I once spent several days analyzing over one thousand advertisements to get ideas for dramatic demonstrations. Then, I categorized what I found, and when I was done I discovered this: there are 7 different ways to use dramatic demonstrations. Out of those 7, the best, by far is to use instant gratification tied to proof.

Example: One of the ads I analyzed had this headline: “Drop me off in any major city in the US, give me money just for food and shelter, and in under 72 hours I’ll buy you a piece of prime real estate with no money down!” That’s a much more powerful appeal than, “How to buy real estate with no money down” wouldn’t you agree? And it has the two core elements – instant gratification (under 72 hours) and proof (drop me off in any city…).

So how could you use this example in your marketing? Here’s what I did. Once, I did a webinar promoting a new product I had created on membership sites. What I did was show the audience, in real time, a dramatic demonstration. I said, “Someone pick a completely random niche and I’ll set you up a membership site for it in under 6 minutes, using completely free software.” So an audience member typed in a niche, and I went and I did it, live, in front of the entire audience.

It’s the same concept of the ad above.

Are you getting any ideas yet? What you need to do is find a quick solution to a very pressing problem that people experience, then find a dramatic way to prove your quick solution is legitimate. Then you will get conversions on your ads that even top dog copywriters would drool over.

Jason Fladlien is a speed freak – having created over 35+ products and written over 72 winning sales letters in the last 18 months. To get some really cool stuff, go to

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