Three Ways To Simplify Your Life And Instantly Be More Productive

Now that ultraportable laptops, iPhones, blackberries and other smartphones are out there, it’s very tempting to stay connected to your e-mail, customer support desk, and web page access 24 hours a day. But the problem is, devices like those that are meant to keep you better connected and make you more productive actually make it tougher to get stuff done. With a ringing device on you at all times, you’re constantly getting distracted.

So how do you simplify your life instead? I have three ways to put you in the right direction right now: use a unified calendar, keep short notes in your cell phone instead of using a notebook, and Churchill your problems in the afternoon.

We all miss appointments, whether they’re webinars, launch dates or even real life issues like going to the doctor. To counteract that, I’ve started storing everything into Google Calendar (it’s built into Gmail). What makes Gcalendar extra special is that you can share your calendar with others, such as business partners. That way you can instantly know their schedule just by logging into Gmail, and they can know yours.

The next thing I want you to think about doing is if you are out and about, keep notes on your cell phone instead of carrying around your laptop or a notepad. One thing that held me up for years, and still holds up many people I know, is all the extra clutter and ideas written down. You need to go as paperless as possible. Every now and then I sit down and write sales copy longhand in a notebook, but other than that, I keep notes on my computer or on my cell phone.

Most cell phones have some kind of “notepad” application built-in. Even the first cell phone I had years ago had this feature. These apps usually only allow you to type in 100 to 200 characters, but that’s a good thing. This will prevent you from writing every last idea down. You’ll only make room for the good ones.

My final piece of advice to you is to wake up early and take a nap in the afternoon if you have to. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England during World War Two, always took a nap between lunch and dinner, even as the Nazis were attacking his country from the air. You might have a lot to do today, but you always need to make time to eat, to take a break, and maybe even take a nap or walk to clear your head and solve a problem.

To simplify your life, do those three things: place your appointments in a unified calendar, use paper as little as possible, and take a nap or break during the day to regain your focus.

Robert Plank is a master at achieving focus through mindset techniques and step-by-step systems. To get his ultimate guide on getting productive and staying productive, go to

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