Domaining Your Business

Have you ever wondered how you can use domain names to help grow your business ? Most people think that a domain name does not really matter. But from the years of buying, selling and developing domain names, I have found out that they do.

There are multiple ways to Domain Your Business that you should consider.

The first type of domain name to purchase is the “Obvious” domains for you and your business.

Your Company Name – try to get the .COM if it is still available

Your Name – if people are going to know you for the business, then they need to also be able to find you!!

Your Product Name – names of any brandable titles of your products.

Your Book Title – if you are an author, then getting your title as a domain name can help increase promotional aspects of your book marketing.

Your Brand Name, Trademark or Service Mark names – these are all really important in establishing your brand online.

The second type of domain name to purchase is the “Not So Obvious” domains.

Common Misspellings of any of the obvious domains above. For example, if your name is misspelled a lot, then you should also get that misspelling. If your domain name is, then you should also purchase, because some people will type it out and some will use the actual number.

Phonetic Sounding of the domain names above. If your company was, then you should also get

Your Search Engine Keywords – if you sell a kidney stone ebook, then you will want to get a domain name that has “kidneystones” in the domain. It’s preferable to get one of the key search terms people look for your product with on Google or Bing.

How People Know You ? If you are “That One Web Guy”, then you should buy

The third type of domain name to purchase are those domains that are “REALLY NOT SO OBVIOUS” domains to you.

Geographically Targeted Domains of Your Profession or Industry – for example, if you are a chiropractor who practices in New York, then you would want to get Or if you are a dry cleaner in Denver, then you would want to get

Your Main Domain Name with words around it – for example, if you are, then you may able want to own,, and

Street Address of a Home You are Selling – if you are a real estate agent, then you might want to own the street address of the home that you are selling. and use it to help specifically sell your client’s home. How many other agents would do this ? Stand out from the crowd.

Now there are other reasons to purchase and market your business with domain names. Next time, I’ll talk about “Type In Domains” and the Benefits of Registering Search Engine Keywords as part of your strategic use of domain names to Domain Your Business!!

Wade Thomas has been buying and selling domain names for over 13 years. He teaches classes on the topic and has a soon-to-be-released book called “Domaining Your Business – Strategically Using Domain Names To Grow Your Business.” For more information about Wade or to enlist his help in purchasing a domain name, visit

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