Catch a Full Load of New Coaching Clients with Dynamic and Valuable Workshops

As a coach you have the ability to package your information in multiple ways to help your clients. One of the most “natural” ways to market your services, while generating revenue, is to have a workshop. Follow these steps for a profitable workshop – for you and your participants.

Choose a topic that solves a painful problem for your niche.

Clients need to see that you really understand their challenges, needs, problems and desires. The best way to determine a topic that strikes a chord with your niche is to survey them to find out what some of their greatest concerns and challenges are.

You can conduct a survey by simply talking to many people in your niche, sending out a simple survey to your niche through email, or using internet tools such as survey monkey. Many times groups such as trade organizations will allow you to survey their members through the group’s newsletter.

Develop a workshop that helps your audience define their challenge.

People often feel anxious or frustrated but cannot clearly define what their challenge is. In order for your audience to solve their problems or overcome their challenges, they must clearly define what those challenges are. People can often tell you what the results of their challenges are but they cannot define what is causing the outcomes they do not desire.

If you do not have enough clients to make the income you desire and your are frustrated by the fact that you are not making enough money then workshops may be your business building answer. Not making enough money is a symptom of the problem. The actual problem could be one of many issues such as not having a marketing plan, not knowing how to develop a marketing plan, not having clearly defined your niche, fear of asking people to consider buying your product or many other things. The first part of your workshop should help your audience define what their specific challenge is.

You must agitate to motivate.

People make changes and take action when the pain is enough to cause them to step out of the existing pattern and act. It sounds cruel but in fact, you are helping your audience solve their problem when you agitate their pain. A simple way to do this is to make a list of the common pains they could be feeling and ask them to identify the ones that apply to their individual situation. You can ask them to describe how they are affected. Once they feel the pain at a deeper level, they will be more motivated to take action.

Help them solve the problem.

The solution will come from within each person as you guide him or her to determine the areas that need change. Ask them to write down three steps they can take for each area of change. This process will produce a three-step plan of action for each area of change.

Make a call to action and establish accountability. Ask your audience to commit to taking the actions they have outline and ask them to find an accountability partner in the audience. Have the partners exchange contact information and follow up with each other.

Have a short form ready to collect name, phone, and email for each person who would like to receive a gift from you. Your gift could be a free session, free report, or ezine.

Suzan Schmitt is known as “Zee” – hence her title of Zee Coach Marketer. Although she comes from a marketing family, she earned her reputation as a tough sales woman in the challenging radio advertising market of Houston. Suzan’s rapid rise to a profitable coaching business brought other coaches to her door, asking for help. She offers it regularly at her

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